4th Degree Event – Columbus Clippers Game

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The first event of the 4th degree under the reign of Captain Darrell Starr-Jude was a baseball game at Clippers Stadium, on August 28, 2016!

In attendance were: the Ardners, Dennis Hilbert, Larry Strausser, Bob DeMoise, his step son and grandson, Dave & Ellen Scarborough, Dan & Don Marcum, Don & Fred Yockey, and the Starr-Judes.

Was a great afternoon and munchies were passed around prior to the thunder. We all loved seeing our K of C Assembly 821 scroll on the score board.

And the best thing besides the fun, fellowship and the win, was the rainbow we all got to see after the game!

Thank you!!!!

Brenda Starr-Jude, NCG

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